Ohio Department of Agriculture Now Accepting New Applications for H2Ohio Program

REYNOLDSBURG, Ohio (Sept., 23, 2021) – The Ohio Department of Agriculture (ODA) is currently accepting new enrollments for the H2Ohio Program.

Producers in the original 14-county targeted area of the Maumee River Watershed can sign up for the years 2022 and 2023. That area includes: Williams, Defiance, Paulding, Van Wert, Mercer, Fulton, Henry, Putnam, Allen, Auglaize, Lucas, Wood, Hancock and Hardin counties.

Farmers are required to submit a Voluntary Nutrient Management Plan (VNMP) at the time of application. Enrollment is open until January 15, 2022, and no practices can be started prior to March 15, 2022.

Under Governor Mike DeWine’s H2Ohio plan, ODA is leading efforts to reduce phosphorus runoff. Producers are being incentivized to implement proven, cost-effective best management practices.

Current Enrollees can now also add additional acres to the contract for years 2022 and 2023.

Please contact Sarah at Hancock Soil and Water Conservation District for more information.


Sign up with OACI to be eligible for  H2Ohio payments

Sign up must be completed by June 10, 2021

If you have questions about the OACI sign-up process, contact Sarah Wayman at (phone: 419-788-4052; email: swayman@hancockswcd.com) or OACI Project Leader Nikki Hawk at (phone: 419-852-2615; email: Nicole@ofswcd.org).

OACI Farmer Profile

OACI Farmer Profile Instructions 

OACI Enrollment Signature Page

Voluntary Nutrient Management Plan (VNMP)

Practice Guidelines

Producer Verification Checklist

Variable Rate Phosphorus Application (VRT)

Practice Guidelines

Producer Verification Checklist

Subsurface Phosphorus Placement

Practice Guidelines

Producer Verification Checklist

Manure Incorporation

For those of you who are implementing the manure incorporation practice for the H2Ohio Program, please turn in a current manure test. In addition to the manure test, we will need to know which fields and when you are planning to spread your manure. Please submit your manure test as soon as possible. When we receive your manure test, we will write a manure recommendation for you to utilize that follows tri-state recommendations. You must follow the manure recommendations in order to receive payment for this practice. Please remember to notify Hancock SWCD 24 to 48 hours prior to manure application. Additionally, be sure to follow Ohio NRCS 590 Standard and Senate Bill 1. Contact Sarah with any questions either by phone (419) 422-6569 or by email swayman@hancockswcd.com

Practice Guidelines

Producer Verification Checklist

Conservation Crop Rotation – Small Grains or Forages

Practice Guidelines – Small Grains

Practice Guidelines – Forage

Producer Verification Checklist

Overwintering Cover Crops

Practice Guidelines

Producer Verification Checklist

Drainage Water Management

Practice Guidelines

Producer Verification Checklist


Other Helpful Documents

Why does H2Ohio use Tri-State?

Article titled “Why Tri-State and H2Ohio” by Kate Myers-Van Wert SWCD

H2Ohio Field Worksheet-Excel

Fill in the field name, acres, crop rotation, and practices

H2Ohio Field Worksheet-PDF

Print and fill in by hand and scan, mail, or drop off

Pure Live Seed Calculator

Use to calculate the adjusted seeding rate for Cover Crops

NRCS Appendix A

Refer to Appendix A for criteria for seeding, establishment and maintenance including seed quality and testing requirements.